Ribbed PVC Strip Cut to Size

Dark Slate Blue Ribbed PVC strip Linear Metre

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Ribbed PVC Strip Cut to Size

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High quality ribbed PVC strip by the metre. (Often called buffer strip or reinforced PVC). Cut to you chosen length from 50m rolls and priced per metre. Offers increased resistance to damage in areas of heavy use by pallet trucks and forklifts. Unbeatable energy-saving performance, hard wearing and long lasting. ALL SIZES NOMINAL

Ribbed PVC Strip.

The surface of ribbed PVC strip has multiple raised ribs (or spines) running along its length (approx 2mm deep). These help to reduce the level of surface contact when items pass through a curtain. The ribs also give extra protection to the strip’s surface, helping to reduce scuffs and scratches and prolong its clarity. (Good news for Health & Safety). The extra durability makes it the ideal choice for areas of high wear and tear where pallet trucks and forklifts need to move quickly and freely between areas. Suitable for use with all recognised curtain hanging systems for all uses from light commercial to heavy industrial. Polargrade options should only be used in freezer environments. In warmer locations, the extra plasticiser can make the PVC feel ‘sticky’ which can make a curtain more difficult to pass through.

Available in:

200mm x 2mm (Light Duty) : Recommended max height: 3m

300mm x 3mm Medium Duty) : Recommended max height: 5.5m

400mm x 4mm (Heavy Duty) : Recommended max height: 10m

NOTE: All dimensions nominal. Subject to original manufacturer’s standard tolerances.

Other key facts: Highly flexible. High impact resistance. Highly effective a noise barrier. Competitively priced. Contains anti-UV filters to help protect against the damaging effects of sunlight. Sourced from highly reputable UK manufacturers / suppliers to ensure best quality.

Key Details:

PVC Type: Standard (OR) Polargrade

Full Roll Size: 50m

Recommended Temperature Range: Standard = 0°C to +40°C  Polargrade =  0°C to -25°C

Certification: DOP free. Complies fully with all REACH regulations.

Recommended Environment: Food & Catering, Commercial, Industrial, Pest Control.

Longevity: PVC strip is considered a consumable product. How fast it’s consumed is beyond any manufacturer’s or supplier’s control. Its lifespan will be dictated by where it’s used, what type of traffic might move through it and how carefully (or aggressively) such traffic does so. To help maximise its working life, we always recommend that PVC curtains are fitted internally behind doors or openings that can provide a degree of shelter. If they’re fitted outside of a doorway or building, fully exposed to the elements all day and night, they can deteriorate and/or lose clarity more quickly. The rate of this will depend entirely on the severity of the local weather. We have some customers who replace their PVC annually… others who’ve had the same for many, many years.

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Ribbed PVC Strip Cut to Size

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