Anti Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint 20Ltr Factory Garage Floor Paint

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Anti Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint 20Ltr Factory Garage Floor Paint

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Anti Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint 20Ltr Factory Garage Floor Paint
Heavy Duty anti slip floor paint for coating industrial floors showrooms, garages and factory floors. Our garage floor paint is designed to provide very good abrasion resistance with a long lasting high build finish and high industrial strength.
Factory floor paint exhibits the highest strength whilst offering smooth, attractive gloss finish. Our garage floor paint is high build coating that produces a truely stunning finish for areas such as showrooms where you need to impress

Product performance outline:
To be suitable for use on factory floors industrial floor paints must generally be tough and resistant enough to withstand:-

The abrasion and wear that will take place i.e. from fork lifts, pallet trucks,cars,4X4 plus other vehicle movements across the factory floor.

The static loading that is imposed on the painted factory floor surface by pallet stacking in storage, or other equipment on the floor

Most liquid or chemical spillages that may occur on the floor i.e. Water, oils,Cutting Agents,Soft acid cleaning agents,wheel/brake cleaners,engine coolant,brake fluids some fuel's etc that are used in the processes carried out on the painted floor.

(do not leave these to sit on the area coated they must be removed and not left to soak into the area,they will with stand the spill but not for long periods of time)

Most factory floors are reinforced concrete floors and this must obviously have sufficient strength to support all of these loadings and uses.

The functions of the industrial floor paint are:

to strengthen and improve the factory floor surface

to eliminate dust build up on surface (pre seal primer coating is always advised on dusty unpainted areas before a topcoat is applied)

to increase the floors abrasion and wear resistance

to provide the increased additional chemical resistance

to improve the appearance and ambience of the working environment

to speed up the cleaning/mopping of the area cutting down on time of this task and also to help combat dust issues on stock and surface contamination

to delineate specific areas, such as: safe walking areas, parking bays or access routes and other directions etc.

At 15c this paint will be touch dry in 10 hours and threw dry after 24 hours,we recommend to apply in sections and keep off the fresh coated area for minimum 3 days,if temperature is lower than 15?c this will affect the cure times and thickness of application will slow cure time down, Two thin coats are better then one thick coat.

12.Can you help we have never painted a floor before what do we do.

We are always happy to help and advise when needed,first we need to find out if the floor is a surface this paint will get along with luckily this paint gets on with the majority of surfaces brick,stone,metal,concrete,wood this coating will not stick to

power-float (shinny smooth finishes) with out a acid etch preparation being done,once that has been identified we recommend to prep the floor with a acid etch or deep clean depending how contaminated the surface is, Pre seal is then applied when the cleaning stage has dried,leave 12 hours or until the pre seal is tack free you are then ready to apply your first neat coat of floor paint.

Other helpful information.
Testing if the area is ready to coat with this type of professional coating

testing if a concrete surface is ready to coat (identifying a powerfloated or screed or other issue surface) this is a very simple process of putting a amount of water on the surface you are looking to apply this range of floor coatings to ensure the area is clean and free from any contamination. If the water absorbs after a few minutes this area is ready for the cleaning & coating stages we can advise if needed with this.

If the water sits on the surface and will not absorb and puddles this is a sign the area may require further preparation with acid etch or abrading. The acid etch process is a really easy application we can take you threw this process step by step if required.

Dusty Unstable/Virgin Surfaces
For areas that are dusty and unstable, you will need a product that has been designed for maximum penetration while providing a good film build by re-bonding the substrate together, returning the floor to a solid sound surface the product we advise is Rubberco Pre Seal this can be found on the floor paint drop down menu.

Oily / Contaminated Surfaces
Where the floors have been subjected to oil and grease, We recommend steam cleaning your floors and use Rubberco Heavy Duty Surface Deep Cleanbeforeapplication of any floor coating,after allowing the surface to dry and Rubberco Pre Seal has been applied a top coat can then be applied please do test patches on each stage of this process.

Rising Damp
A floor coating does not do well if you have any moisture issues Hydrostatic pressure from the moisture can actually cause the coating to peel up, sometimes taking pieces of the concrete with it. Should floors be devoid of an effective Damp Proof Membrane (DPM), virtually any paint will lift and peel off the surface. Indeed, even self-levelling screeds can be pushed up by water pressure. This is another nightmare regularly experienced by many companies. For this reason, a damp proof coating is recommended as a solution before applying a floor paint.

Treating your floor before coating them
It is important to treat your surfaces before coating them to prevent issues post-paint.

Repair your floor:
Before painting your garage floor, it is important to repair any cracks,holes or expansions of joints in your concrete to prevent an un-slightly finish to your flooring once its painted.

Rubberco Pre Seal is designed to seal the surface from the out-gassing of the concrete, where air will rise and be expelled from the concrete which is often caused by a rise in temperature or a change in humidity. Another major cause to poor flooring is rising damp. Due to a poor or non-existent DPM (Damp Proof Membrane), the damp is caused by a rising water table and/or the immediate surrounding areas being waterlogged.

Air entrapment is a common issue that can occur if the surface isnt primed before being coated. This is where the air pushes bubbles into the resin coat which later bursts, leaving ?craters? and ?pin holes? in your floor paint. This can also be caused when the resin has been mixed too quickly it is important to use the correct tools to mix to avoid issues. Primer tackles this issue by soaking further into the surface to fully seal the entire surface area of concrete floors. Air is then less likely to push up, and on the rare occasion that it does, the bubble will pop and the resin now being thinner, will generally revert back and refill the pin hole caused by the bubble.

Product & Application information:
Product coverage rate:10m squared per litre or 107ft squared per litre
5 litre pack size should achieve 50m squared per 5 litre can or 538ft squared (one coat)
10 litre pack size should achieve 100m squared per 10 litre can or 1,076ft squared (one coat)
20 litre pack size should achieve 200m squared per 20 litre can or 2,152ft squared (one coat)
(TwothinCoats Always Advised giving adequate dry time between coats)
Dry time of coating using standard roller in areas with minimal air moisture (lab conditions)
Touch dry @ 15'c = 10/12 hours

First coat should be left to dry for 24 hours to assure adhesion to surface leave minimum of 24 hours for after coats always leaving minimum of 48 hours before 100% use of area again

true 100% cure will only be 7 days after application of last coating
(work in a well ventilated area,using no forms of naked light/fire)

Please test for damp before coating by applying a small test patch or applying a clear plastic sheet (30cmx30cm) and sealing it to the floor with a high grade tape (duck tape) with out any ways of air escaping and leave for 24 hours if there is any forms of water vapour on the sheet the are will have damp and steps will need to be taken before coatings

Mix very well before use using a drill/paddle tool

If the area you are looking to coat is virgin (never been coated) or has had contamination from oil,grease,cutting agents etc,Cleaning with correct equipment/surface preparation products will be required.

The area will then need to be coated with a heavy duty pre seal and left to dry for 24 hours (you can purchase this pre seal on the drop down menu)

Power floated/Screed areas (smooth shinny concrete) will need to be treated with a acid etch or abrade by mechanical means all product info will be displayed on the item you will take collection of

A test patch is always advised as some areas my still have contamination and this could have complications when coating

Product weight
5 litre pack size 6kg minimum
10 litre pack size 12kg minimum
20 litre pack size 23kg minimum


    • Coverage:10m squared per litre or 107ft squared per litre
    • 200m squared per 20 litre can or 2,140ft squared per 20 litre can (one coat)
    • Touch dry 15 c = 10/12 hours
    • Product weight 25kg minimum

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    Anti Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint 20Ltr Factory Garage Floor Paint

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    Anti Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint 20Ltr Factory Garage Floor Paint
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